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You say I am bi by Rose Hennigan

You say I am bi

As if it were a bad thing

An insult, a slur,

Something to be ashamed of

And not just a fact.

And you say it makes you sick

To imagine me with a man -

Well ma’am,

It makes me sick to imagine you

With anyone,

So let’s just leave it at that.

You say I am bi

As if it were some grand perversion,

Made me a slut, a sex fiend,

A nymphomaniac -

But how am I the addict

When you’re the one

Whose main criteria for who to love

Is what’s inside their jeans?

Still think I’m the perv?

I fall in love with people, not their parts

But you’re so terrified

Of what you can’t give me,

So scared I’ll leave you for a guy.

Oh honey, you forget

I could just as easily leave you for a girl -

Except I’m not leaving, not leaving

Only the thing is, I just might.

If you don’t stop with this paranoia.

Oh won’t you please stop this absurd paranoia?

Because I like you.

I really like you.

And I think you like me too

Only, I need you to like all of me.

And not just tolerate - but like.

Because you pat yourself on the back for being so liberal

Dating someone who’s been with girls and guys,

Say it’s not a dealbreaker for you -

How generous! But see,

I don’t want to be loved “in spite of”

I want to be loved as I am.

And look, I know you worry

That I’m attracted to everything I see

And that’s not true, but let’s say that it is -

And look, I know you’re scared

That every person we pass is a threat

And that’s not true, but let’s say that it is -

Say every person of every sex is mine for taking,

The whole wide world splayed out before me

Just begging me to fuck it -

And still, and still

With all of humanity to choose from,

Still I’ve chosen you.

Rose Hennigan a poet and prose writer from the U.K., a graduate of Edinburgh University and Associate Editor at Poets Reading The News. Her poetry has appeared in numerous literary magazines, online and in print, most recently Beyond Words Queer Anthology and Capulet Magazine.

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