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Worlds Apart: A Sonnet to Belonging by Charlie D'Aniello

Sometimes I think that I have found my place

Among the shiest laughs and smiles you cause

Or through the sunlight rays that strike my face

and wake me, warm me up, and give me pause.

Sometimes I tell myself I was a stranger

Until you saw the self that lay below—

Until you looked and said “there is no danger

That I will leave or go or hurt you so”.

Sometimes when drifting in the land of dreams

I find you standing, waiting by a door.

You reach your hand out, and for once it seems

that waves might crash upon a willing shore.

I long to hear the beating of your heart,

and hold your hand, and not be worlds apart.

Charlie D’Aniello (he/they) is a Latinx, trans/queer, neurodivergent author. They are featured or forthcoming in the NoSleep Podcast, Magpie Review, Hyacinthus Mag, Sledgehammer Lit and Querencia. Their novel, “The One and the Other” is out now. They are EIC at warning lines magazine. Twitter: @beelzebadger / @warninglines.

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