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We Are Women by Nicci Goldie

We will not rest while we are attacked alone at night; will not rest while men slip drugs in our

drinks and take advantage of us; will not rest while men pin us down and violate us; will not

rest while our bodies are mutilated in the name of purity; will not rest while we are used as

cheap labour; will not rest while our bodies are sold against our will; will not rest while we

are denied education. We are not a commodity to be consumed by men; we are not property men can claim and discard at will; we are not a vessel for which men my use to pleasure themselves without consent; we are not punching bags for the bad days. When we love another woman we do not do it for the male gaze, when we cover up we do not do it because man commands we must; when we show off our bodies we do not do it for male validation; we do not exist for men; we exist for ourselves. We demand autonomy; we demand equality; we demand the right to safety. We will keep fighting until every woman and girl is free to live as they choose; until we can walk at night without fear; until the way we dress is no longer used as a defence in assault trials; until young girls do not have their bodies cruelly mutilated to preserve their “purity”; until the violence against us stops. We are strong; we are powerful; we are done being subservient; we are done with violence and knowing our place; we are a force to be reckoned with. We are women.

Nicci is a sapphic writer from Scotland, whose work is inspired by sapphic romances with strong female leads. She is currently writing her first novel as well as writing a blog that documents her experience of discovering her sexuality at 25. Her work can be found at and her twitter and Instagram handles are @babygaydays.

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