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vortex by P.D. Niederhaeuser

and then the world starts turning again,

like old hinges—with pain and misery:

the stars twinkling dimly,

the sun synthetically setting into the moonrise;

very unspectacularly. very suddenly.

on the windowsill—defying the icy crystals—,

there she sits. is she a werewolf?

the full moon, he calls her. a hushed howl.

abidingly and with a soft creak, she unknots her petals

one by one, in a hypnotic succession, in an erotic dance.

it must to be impossible: the corollæ seem seamlessly interlocked.

only with each one open can the first break free from the pack.

she is a lunar panel.

every drop of moonlight is devoured by her.

soon, she has absorbed it all. the moon empty, the sky dark.

in a huge gulp—interleaving her petals again—

she swallows the light.

P.D. Niederhaeuser is a young, queer poet and a student of English and philosophy. His work openly discusses personal topics such as mental health or love and often features a profound philosophic undertone. He is a regular writer at The Unorthodocs and his work has been published in Tealight Press.

Twitter: @pdniederhaeuser

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