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Vision by Ariyo Ahmad


I carry the memory of a thousand dream

Like an ocean carrying a sunken ship

Around the cosmos like a blue butterfly

Dancing on a sweet flower arm

Like an hungry fly upon a mighty river

Ready to steal a portion of water and fly

Into the sky with a wide magnitude

Just like a bird with wide wings, flapping high

With a ninetingale voice from the top of a roof

Awakening the slumbering trees and dead streams

Of stream, flowing with a high speed

Fishes and crabs, taking the sweetness of the stream

lines of mind-blowing maiden at the river bank

Fetching a fracture of stream sweetness

I see myself reclining on a memory marble

Visualising the nice nature's gifted gold

Of sweet memories and tender atmosphere

Of a fiery queen with a bright future

On a clad chair with bitter sweet lemon in hand

I shall extract the sweetness of this living moment

Ariyo Ahmad is an upcoming Nigerian poet and art  lover who chose poetry has a great medium to express his feelings about an aspect or the other in other to save the world and make changes in human at large. He has his poem in litlight Nigeria anthology, Boys are not stone anthology, world on the brinks an Anthology of COVID19 pandemic to mention but few.

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