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Uprising by Merve Yazicioglu

My days leak into each other,

blending in darkness

with so many I do not know


I stand in blinding silence,

waited for the toughest rain.

Do you remember the faded rainbow?

Oh how it shines

after it pours down

with glory.

There is a fight within me,

with everything I long for.

I do not know which one


“Am I the only one”

I ask myself every night.

The answer floating in sight,

I knew in my heart.

When everything goes dark,

the rainbow will eventually come out.

Merve Derya Yazicioglu (she/her) is a Turkish poet and film/book reviewer from Istanbul, Turkey. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in English Literature from the University of Groningen. Her self-published poetry collection, A Life Lost, focusses on the topics of exile, gender, identity, migration, and womanhood.

Her Instagram handle @literaturegeekblog and Twitter @literaturegeekb.

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