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Under the Moon of a Taurus by Naomi C. Kenny

You can not coax your dreams to reveal themselves.

I’ve heard the stories.

I’ve been told to set the record straight,

For some have beloved all.

Be careful, for you have swollen lies.

Needing forgotten dreams to become centre stage,

For you to gain back the ability to sleep.

Those hours may drain, or bring you back to life,

Is nothing more than a selfish act of self-preservation.

A dream I had once,

Is sitting on my shoulders,

The curtains of your peripheral vision.

Pretending to not care,

The indifference is the keynote here.

I’m often informed that it is because I was born.

Under a light sun, an early moon.

With the birthmark of a Taurus

Naomi C. Kenny is an upcoming poet, who has been writing since her childhood, she keeps up on her craft by writing poems on request, short stories and novels. From interning at the Lingo Poetry festival, she took away great experiences and insight on how creative-minded individuals work alone and with others.

For the last six years on a weekly basis, she adds examples of her poetry & photographs which are usually outdoor-themed to her poetry page-LiterallyWords. She is currently working on publishing her first short collection of poetry to be published within the coming year. To answer any questions you may have, she can be found on Facebook-

Naomi C.Kenny-Literallywords or on Twitter by the same name

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