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twin flame/twin fish by Katie Proctor

you said we were written in outer space.

i always wondered if it was ever that simple –

if there was really something that existed

long before all of us. tracing the milky way, planning us out.

putting the stars in their places, filling gaps

in the jigsaws of our bodies we pretend to understand.

purpose-built ignition, a maze of brainwaves.

someone who knew us before we knew ourselves.

knowing that i was meant to be an astrological explosion,

an asteroid set to cause a scene. predestined to fill

the empty space with life.

and now i wonder why we ever believed that

we were twin flames in my world of water.

why i ever told myself i could settle for anything less

than a soulmate. why i ever thought i could be pushed into

equilibrium when i was born to be off-kilter,

tipped out of control by a whisper. a kaleidoscope

of emotions made only for me, when planets aligned

in some sort of miracle. a mystery. a constellation of eclecticism.

Katie Proctor (they/them) is a poet from Yorkshire, England. Since they can remember they have loved to write and nowadays, they write freeform poetry and prose often regarding their experience with love, relationships and mental health. Their debut collection of poetry, Seasons, was published in 2020, and their sophomore collection A Desire for Disaster will be published later this year, both by Hedgehog Poetry. They are the editor-in-chief of celestite poetry, a journal of creative writing and non-fiction. They are a student with a passion for literature, history and classics, and are a big fan of Shakespeare. They love to act and plan to study English Literature at university. You can find them on Twitter @katiiewrites and Instagram @katiiewrites.

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