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Tropic of Aries by Bella Pick

I would tear every miserable star from

The somber sky

As if they had somehow mutated into the

Thousands of pages of discarded poetry

I’ve distilled with your name.

Instead you’d lend the stars in your eyes to

A so-and-so who dared not

Venture past the logical to the astrological

Nor fill their breast pocket with nebulizing notepads until their

Hands were tattooed in constellations with off-blue ballpoint pens.

b. pick is an emerging lesbian poet based in small town Canada. They study English Literature at Western University, where they work as an Opinions Editor for the Western Gazette. Their work has recently appeared in SAPPHIC, The Madrigal, and Hecate Magazine, among others. You can find them offline cuddled up with a cup of herbal tea and their French Bulldog, Colette, or on Twitter at @_bpick.

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