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THOUGHTS by Dauntless


The rising of the sun above the horizon 
Is a sight worth viewing 
As it send off its rays
Across thousands miles 

My thoughts are hovering around my head 
Just like the butterflies caged by the ribs of my stomach 
Longing to be released 
Into the outer world 

My thoughts, an airship 
Travelling at a high speed in the darkness 
As I build them word by word
With each and every syllable on my lips 

I broadcast the thoughts aloud 
Thinking it can be heard from afar
But my voice do not leave the four walls 
Surrounding me

Within the room I relay my thoughts 
With a pen void of its ink, 
A pencil without its lead
And a voice without its vocal 

In the darkness of the night comes tears I can't fight
But the glare of the morning sun
Reveals another battle won
For the thoughts in me 
Now answer to my calls... 

Dauntless is a science student who seeks to travel different spheres of life using words with hidden treasures.
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