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THE TRIBAL FESTIVAL, a Global Hymn by Carlos Mijares Poyer

The Indian manes pronounced

unseen colors cajoling gaze and desire

angle steps to the uppity regalia

of tom-toms and jazz -panorama.

The young and old, children running

ample foreheads looking into the sky

daylight gleaming in a hot spirit

piquant tone of roses and sunflowers singing

hymns of future and global being...

The bands sauntered

delivering musical messages

harbingers insued

to construe ample troikas

and prompt attitudes of joy

melody and harmonious voicings

of a spectacular human University

of choices in an apple of freedom

and kisses of a society.

The animals prounced too

carrying beads in their mouths

and jingles in their eyes, sea horses in their eyes...

come on, bells tolled from huts

and old cars hummed tenor

Sleek and black, immaculate luster…

outlook of thoughts,

and the ultimate quaint decisions

of a very small group

gathered to commend a beginning

from a last change or vibration

or the last rocks in the river.

Carlos Mijares Poyer is an international author, journalist, translator and marketer. He studied all of his education in the U.S. at Pine Crest School and English major at Guilford College. He studied Marketing in ISUM Marketing College. Since 2015 he has published in numerous on-line literary websites in the U.S., Ireland, Venezuela, Mexico and Argentina. Main contributor to the Ultimas Noticias Cultural Supplement in Venezuela in different journalistic and literary genres.


instagram @carlose.mijares

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