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The Star Who Puppets All By Alex Shenstone

Star light. Star bright.

The only star I see tonight.

There were others once.

Afire with the granting of mortal wishes.

Where the lone star came from, no-one knows.

One night, she was just all we could see.

Then the others were forgotten.

And when everyone forgot, it meant they couldn’t come back.

The lasting star seemed like . . . More.

Like we were squinting at a glimpse of Forever in the dark.

That is what she is. She is More and Forever.

And to be Forever is to have power unheard of.

Life and death are crops,

With flesh and wood stemming alike. Life and death is her gardening game.

Where we may all be planted, pruned, or just plucked away.

But when we’re bathed in fantasy,

We feeling nothing of the uprooting.

Grant us our wishes,

And we’ll never know our lives are not our own.

Teasing life and death is Her game.

The Star’s game.

The Fairy’s game.

The Witch’s game.

We men and crickets can only watch.

Hoping to be her playmate

rather than the strung up toy.

We are all, however, deceived.

Toys we are.

Subject to her whims of long noses,

And great whales of the deep.

All of those are Her.

You can see her in the gleams of the mirror,

The glints of submerged teeth,

And the glimmers of your tears.

Of which she cares not.

If we could remember the kind-souled stars,

then she would be done.

Outnumbered and outmatched by a full shining sky.

But we forgot them.

We forgot their names, the shapes they took.

The warmth they gave to sooth our sleepless children.

All gone now.

Because when something shines brighter than anything else,

We are more like moths than men.

Tempted by her light.

Tempted by the wishes whispered in the night.

And now, we are a clock ticking over.

Now, we’re just a child. Caged in Forever.

Alex is a trans UK university student with an inclination towards darker interpretations, and enjoys spending time contemplating darker perspectives, and reimagining classic stories. He also has poetry appearing in The Global Youth Review, and set to appear with Ghost Orchid Press. He can be found on Twitter at @AlexakaSatan.

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