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The Love of a Virgo by Callie S. Blackstone

Updated: Jul 8

He shows me his love in different ways. He fixes things.

He wasn’t raised to fix things. The tools look foreign  

in his hands. The language of other men, taller men, 

bearded men, tattooed men. These things are foreign

to him, but he runs his hands over the metal, the shine.

He puts his head down and he works.

He shows me his love in different ways, he decorates

me with gifts, gaudy and offensive displays 

of materialism. He puts money 

in my hands, no questions asked, 

no future mentions of it. No collection notice.

He shows me his love in different ways, he watches my face,

the eyes he once described as glacial. He notices

when they settle on things for half a second too long.

He asks about it, he never stops noticing, he never stops

asking. He focuses on me totally, every moment,

no matter how mundane.

He loves me in different ways.

Callie S. Blackstone writes both poetry and prose. Her work appears or is forthcoming in Queerlings, Plainsongs, Prime Number Magazine, and others. Callie is a lifelong New Englander. She is lucky enough to wake up to the smell of saltwater and the call of seagulls everyday. You can find her online home at

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