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The Long March by Alex Cooper

Sit back and enjoy, y’know?

Eat out to help out,

pay no mind to the widow

weeping over her rotted

care package.

Just let it move through the population,

keep to the rule of six –

oh, you were at another funeral?

no excuses. besides,

who even cared about your old mother

who lived through the two great wars but

who couldn’t muster another.

He… shook hands with everyone?

All’s fair in love and war, I suppose,

and yes this is a war:

on the working class,

on the queer and disabled

on those who dare to have a little melanin.

The tourist town is dead,

the virus is on the trains,

the doctors are on no sleep

no equipment

no pay.

‘tis the season to be jolly careful.

The rich are on their planes

the doctors are pleading

the rich are still getting richer

the doctors are bleeding.

This is war

“We truly did everything we could to minimise the loss of life”

Bullshit, they did everything they could

to minimise the loss of profit.

But that’s the thing, isn’t it?

We have lost so, so much and

They haven’t lost a thing.

So how about we show them

just how much they have left to lose.

Alex Cooper is a queer and disabled literature student whose work focuses on telling stories from the perspectives of those trying to find a place in a society that is not built for them. They can be found on Instagram under @alex.thepoet

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