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the boys and their balls by Guido Garcia Lueches

the boys and their balls

we go to the park to be seen

to disappear in the horde

to melt and hoard rare ultra violet bounce

boys and their little balls

flying around us with the inevitability of sunburn

you’d think there’d be more dogs

or kids in this sunny sunday stokey shore

but who has the time

we are all young and naked and here

to flaunt what we have worked for

the bar opposite sent two

tightly clad ethnically ambiguous twinks 

to sell sweating red cocktails

but no one is buying them

there is enough sex here already

bodies upon bodies

staring, iridescent

emanating pheromones 

that intoxicate the soul

floating like balls that i long to head on goal

my boyfriend glances up

following my eyeline following 

a mouth watering specimen

hand painted abs bulging lines 

i would rub my hungry face against

a child screams incoherences about gender 

and i want to talk to whoever raised them

the ball hits me again

it’s wild how much i assume 

everyone is queer unless told otherwise

everyone except the thumping boys

my thicc thighs always aim to win 

the shortest shorts competition

but this neighbourhood is professional

shirts go back on only when the sliding shades make us.

Guido Garcia Lueches is a London based poet and theatre maker. Originally from Uruguay, his work has been published in Invisible Presence: Emerging British Latino Writers, MAGMA Magazine and Versification Zine among others. His one-man show about Latinx stereotypes in the theatre industry, Playing Latinx, will open in London in 2021.

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