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The Body Falls In Love With The Moon by Dale Booton

For H&N

the way that friends

who have tried not to fall in love fall in love the way one of them

will eventually draw their hand too close to the other to feel the

loose fist of their heart as it tenderly thumbs the swan-stream of their

wrist and here it will float here it will watch as reality meets

fantasy become acquainted as if love is not that sun-soaked rose

bud that blossoms on the morn of spring rises to reach the warming

rawness of the day but instead it is a pound coin that has somehow

become cushioned in the pitfall of a sofa until later it could be

days or years a hand scuffs the edges of the fabric in a hunt for the

remote to then find that their luck has turned as their finger grazes

the ridged edge and smiles

Dale Booton is a twenty-six year old queer poet from Birmingham. His poetry has been published by Verve in their Diversity anthology, Untitled: Voices, Re-Side, and The Poetry Society. Most recently, his poetry has featured in Ligeia Winter 2020 Issue and on Queerlings. Find him on Twitter @BootsPoetry.

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