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Tealight Talks - "Uprising" Part 1

Each month, the editors of Tealight Press interview each other with questions based on the months theme. For this months 'Tealight Talks', Sash interviews Matt on Tealight's topic for February, "Uprising."

Can you tell us about a time you stood up for something you truly believed in?

Apart from attending protests I think having the courage to stand up against a colleague or friend is one of the most admirable and decent things a person can do. I’ve had a few situations in previous jobs where I’ve stood up for either myself or a friend and it can be really daunting depending on their level of seniority but that’s probably when it’s most important to do!

Tell us about an activist who inspires you.

Marsha P Johnson. I’m sure most people reading this will be well aware of who she was but in case they aren’t familiar, she was an American gay liberation activist and was a hugely prominent figure in the Stonewall Riot in New York City in 1969. Theres two documentaries I’ve seen about her, the first being Pay It No Mind – The Life and Times of Marsha P. Johnson, and the second being The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson. Both definitely worth checking out to learn more!

Fighting for justice takes a lot of strength and resilience. Are there any songs that empower you?

So many! Upbeat and happy songs tend to empower and motivate me, so I have a playlist full of them I listen to. It’s amazing how music can embolden you and give you courage.

Who is your favourite fictional rebel?

Matilda was the first that sprang to mind! I love how consumed she is by reading and knowledge and how calm and resilient she is when it comes to reading in her house against her parents wishes.

What's one cause you believe in supporting right now, and how can we help?

Food poverty is a massive issue in the UK currently and Barnardo’s have a donation page. Apart from that, there are so many places to donate that it can be difficult to differentiate between what’s legit or what’s a big company who end up taking most of the money - local food banks are another great thing to keep eyes peeled for!

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