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Tealight Talks - "Reflections" Part 1

Each month, the editors of Tealight Press interview each other with questions based on the months theme. For this months 'Tealight Talks', Sash interviews Matt on Tealight's topic for December, "Reflections."

How do you feel about yourself and your life as the year draws to a close, as opposed to when it started out?

I’m in a totally different head space than I was at the start of the year. There were things I thought I wanted and was so close to getting that for various reasons didn’t work out and I’m so grateful they didn’t - next year I think my life is going to change pretty drastically (in great ways) and it never would’ve happened if I’d stuck with what I had planned for the year.

We've been asking for art and photography submissions this month. Besides our amazing submissions, can you share a piece of visual art that's really resonated with you this year?

I went to a Ren Hang exhibition at the end of last year and his photographs are incredible. I bought a book of his work and I always flip through it. Tragically he committed suicide at age 29 but his work is a breathtaking legacy to leave behind. Every photo is gorgeous and impactful. It’s hard to pick just one of his photographs but here’s a favourite:

Looking back, what's been your biggest challenge over the past twelve months?

Definitely my job - it has been completely unrelenting and has only gotten increasingly harder as the year has gone on. There are many aspects of it I love, and I doubt I’ll ever have a more fascinating or challenging job but a huge change of pace would be welcome!

"Reflection" performed by Christina Aguilera is one of the most memorable songs on the Disney's Mulan soundtrack. Which song will always remind you of the year 2020?

Personally for me Ungodly Hour by Chloe x Halle but WAP might be the only correct answer to this question. It’s criminal that we’ve yet to experience it in a club setting.

Look in the mirror and tell us one thing you like about what you see.

My smile! I’ve received compliments about it over the last few days actually which has basically made my week!

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