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Tealight Talks - "Nature" Part 2

Each month, the editors of Tealight Press interview each other with questions based on the months theme. For this months 'Tealight Talks', Matt interviews Sash on Tealight's topic for March, "Nature."

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery - air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, “This is what it is to be happy.” - Sylvia Plath. Of every place you’ve travelled, which had your favourite landscape?

Whenever I feel like I need to escape the current moment, I cast my mind back to a certain mountain view in Battambang, Cambodia, and relive my time there. I've got a few mental landscapes like this that I return to when I need a moment of peace. There's the fields around my hometown, a lakeside cottage in Canada and a friend's allotment in Nottingham, UK.

Do you have a favourite landscape poet?

I'm not sure that I do! However there are poets who write about nature that I love; Mary Oliver and William Blake are two who spring to mind.

Which do you believe has more impact on a person - nature or nurture?

It's so hard to say! I suppose I can only answer for myself, but when I think about how different I turned out to be from the rest of my family in terms of ambitions, temperament, interests etc. despite growing up alongside my parents and siblings, I can't help but think there has to have been something innately me that pushed back against the status quo. At the same time, I'm aware of the huge influence that my friends, community and the books I've read have had towards shaping my character.

Climate change is a colossal problem facing us all. I know you’re trying your best to live plastic free - any tips or tricks for people on where to begin?

These Ted Talks were instrumental in my understanding of the zero-waste movement, I'd recommend watching them all and researching the speakers individually! Also this blog (and this article in particular): I think the important thing to remember is to start small. Focus on one change at a time, no matter how incremental it seems.

What’s your favourite season and why?

There's something very romantic about autumn, but I really function best in spring and summer. The longer days and the possibility that comes with warm weather, plus the impact that sunlight has on lifting my depression, can't be understated.

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