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Tealight Talks - "Liminal Space" Part 2

Each month, the editors of Tealight Press interview each other with questions based on the months theme. For this months 'Tealight Talks', Matt interviews Sash on Tealight's topic for October, "Liminal Space."

Liminal space has been defined as a space ‘at the boundary of two dominant spaces, which is not fully part of either’ - have you ever visited what you could consider a liminal space?

Definitely. Many of the liminal spaces I've encountered in my lifetime have actually been ordinary places in my daily life, thrown out of context. For example, staying late after school and walking through empty classrooms, being alone in the streets during COVID-19 lockdown, running trails left empty due to the rain. I find it so very eerie to be in a familiar place that's been stripped of its familiar elements.

Leading on from the first question, what's the scariest physical space you've ever been to? 

Farmaggedon, the Halloween event in Lancashire, is still a creepy place I think about a lot. I'll never forget the clown house, complete with actors in costume chasing me. Of course if I went back now, I'd probably laugh myself silly.

Liminality involves the crossing of thresholds - is there a rite of passage you've undergone recently that has fundamentally changed you?

I had a very intense experience with edibles recently that pushed me through the stress of moving countries and landed me firmly on the other side of my new life. Honestly, this entire solo trip has felt like a rite of passage. It's allowed me to explore parts of myself I hadn't felt able to back in the UK and has shown me how resourceful and self-sufficient I am. It's also currently my main thing going on, so please excuse frequent reference to it in these Q&As /laughs/.

Liminal spaces by their very nature challenge the structure and boundaries society creates - if you could change one thing about society, what would it be?

I'd make the rich pay their fare share of taxes and have healthcare and education be universally free. I'd love to have a more whimsical answer, but we need to nail the basics first. I would love society to be more open to concepts like gender fluidity as well.

Airports are considered by some to be a liminal space, as they exist solely to serve what is before and what comes after them. What is the most important journey you hope to take in the future? 

I haven't planned far enough ahead for any journeys, but I do want to do some more travelling. I guess on the journey of life, the next big step will be trying to work out what to pursue as a career - but future!Sash can handle that one.

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