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Sugar Drips by Naomi C. Kenny

These dreams of mine have been calling me,

diggings its heels into an all to familiar forlorn love,

that does not understand what's done is done.

There are coffee cups stains that linger in my room,

The aroma has inked its way into the skin of the walls.

With care, they painted my nylons with their beautiful colour.

Be assured no late-night calls will haunt you now,

it will be too quiet, making you wonder.

No advice needed, nor information required.

The books have been lost,

outdated in the vault of your heart.

Naomi C. Kenny is an upcoming poet, who has been writing since her childhood, she keeps up on her craft by writing poems on request, short stories and novels.

From interning at the Lingo Poetry festival, she took away great experiences and insight on how creative-minded individuals work alone and with others.

For the last six years on a weekly basis, she adds examples of her poetry & photographs which are usually outdoor-themed to her poetry page-LiterallyWords.

She is currently working on publishing her first short collection of poetry to be published within the coming year. To answer any questions you may have, she can be found on Facebook- Naomi C.Kenny-Literallywords or on Twitter by the same name.

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