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Prophet by Seirce Mhac Conghail


Crowds flock running

hearts to a screaming halt

to the stage.

Prophet stands alone.

Nought but a sun in a vacuum drawing satellites

screams until her screams are carried far

us, our shaking hearts

lifting her through us like the sea

through our ribcage,

a vibrating castle of this

Here is a wave so big the bass captures our own pump,

snatches the pulse

We blood in time to her.

All life is this now.

On pinprick pierce in dark fold

stamping our feet and howling

She tells us about how we are so wrong,

our Coffeestain carfume foodalone!

yes, we scream, yes! tell it to us again!

You are disgusting!

i feel our thousand limbs congeal around me

ricochet notes in our skull

She sees our ugly face in crowd

doesn't flinch. Stares us down.

This is how i know what love is,

How it feels me.

Seirce Mhac Conghail is a writer from Dublin. They write in both poetry and prose, in English and in Irish. Their work has been accepted and rejected by many magazines. They hope to make that many more. They can be found on Instagram @seirce

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