• Tealight Press

Porcupine by Mary Senier

Beneath a stylus of stars…

pink locks porcupined

smudges where the eyes should be

band tee, obscure

procured painstakingly online

following a fruitless string of

vintage shop investigations

statement-maker, seldom-maker of

seldom-slept-in single bed

… one spinning sheet of vinyl in a field of friends.

Mary Senier (she/her) is a bisexual poet from the Black Country, living in Wales. Her work often centres around ideas of place and identity. Previously, Mary has had work published by Abergavenny Small Press, Ample Remains, Re-Side Magazine, and Postscript Magazine. She will also have poems featured in upcoming issues of The Alchemy Spoon, Opia Magazine, Fahmidan Journal, and The Seafront Press.

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