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poem for little frogs and artificial sunlight by Aster Laurel Montor

too many poems have been written about light

the birth and death of it, the way it blinds,

how it holds your vision hostage, cradles it

here is another one

it takes, on average, three different bulbs

to replicate sunshine indoors

visible, infrared, ultraviolet

all are necessary for most life

there is a spreadsheet on my computer

averaging ten years of argentinian climate data

there is a three inch frog in my room

who has never been to argentina

still his body knows its sprawling grasslands

still his body yearns to follow its seasons

outside the window is a cold he will never experience

inside i change the terrarium controls in tiny increments

he did not eat for six months as a baby

i force-fed him carnivore care from the vet clinic

dosed antibiotics on his small pale belly

when i came home from the hospital he started eating again

he is nearly three. he may live ten more years

i hope he does

the visible light sends a signal to the brain

come. warmth is near. bask in its brilliance.

the infrared worms its way deep into the skin

the body thanks this

the ultraviolet converts 7-DHC to vitamin D3

the body thanks this

we drove more than seven hours each way to pick him up

half dollar sized in a deli cup. his name means beloved

he does not know why he needs the light, just that he does

Aster Laurel Montor (alm) is a trans poet from the midwest who takes way too many pictures of his frog and has a few too many hobbies. He is currently trying to clean up the glitter he spilled. His chapbooks “carry me to sunrise” and “it’s just a flesh wound” are available on amazon. More of his poetry can be found for free at

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