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Old Wounds / New Skin by Andi Talbot

Old Wounds / New Skin

It's a new outfit or a new style or a new haircut It’s to be daring again to feel liberated to find yourself by yourself for yourself It's new ink or a new hobby It's a new life a fresh start and a whole new level of "Fuck it, this is my life and I'm going to live it by my rules" It's putting yourself first it's realising that you can actually put yourself first. It's growth It's change It's looking to the future and shedding the weight of the past It's learning to cover Old Wounds in New Skin.

Andi Talbot is a poet from Newcastle, England. 

Their second chapbook, 'Old Wounds // New Skin' was released in July 2020 via Analog Submission Press. 

They have been published in various magazines including Back Patio Press, Fragmented Voices, Paper and Ink Zine and Guerrilla Genesis Press.  They are an avid Raiders, San Jose Sharks and Newcastle United Fan. 

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