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Nightmare and Interpretation 25 by Lilia Marie Ellis

Nightmare and Interpretation 25

A long passage, snow

lining the windows, elevators on

both ends (both knew it was false

yet we chose to participate) everyone

wearing the same clothes or

nearly a stranger I loved (I’d

held her hand and never let go

of her arm until she vanished,

until she vanished, nothing left

to do but weep, and make effort

with the air my fingers weave.)

Carefree, ferris-wheeled up into air, normalcy made of its absence, crowds going about

their lives in a swamp of neither hope nor despair, and therefore not quite wretched. I have no desire to blame a soul save my own

(expiation, Earth)

Lilia Marie Ellis is a trans woman writer from Houston. Her work has appeared in publications including The Nashville Review and perhappend. Follow her on Twitter/Instagram @LiliaMarieEllis!

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