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Midnight Runs by Ellen Huang

Midnight Runs

A quarter to twelve

and the movies not yet started &

you want to bake cupcakes with

sprinkles and frosting.

I want to watch the movie

without my head hurting.

You mention ice cream.

Immediately, my grumpy hedgehog self

sitting in a blanket perks up.

I find the gospel in these midnight runs

the youth in our skedaddling mischief.

I find sisterhood in strawberry ice cream

for the mini blender our first night moved in.

I find fellowship in the drinks and

walking like dancing, joking like we mean it.

I find brotherhood in messy pizza plates

kinship in our quest for sugar

under fluorescent light

giddy before the cashier's witness

music blasting in the car.

Thumbelina and literal chill under blankets.

I find heaven in these hidden moments

of spontaneous communion

spilled conversation, dripping with commentary

peppered with wondrous real joy.

Our privilege in this age to see such hours is

a blessing and a curse, that we now know

the mystery of midnight like the final frontier

of all-nighters. An already solved puzzle, underwhelming

and yet definitely a blessing

that we share dessert in this space

where fantasy and reality are not

enemies, but sisters

becoming women of valor,

empowered by adding to our nostalgia & sweetness.

How humbling, how savory

to remember even the Almighty ate and drank

and laughed like us,

with disciples and outsiders, loving

what taste buds and new hearts

have yet to invent words for.

Ellen Huang (she/her) is an ace fantasy writer with a BA in Writing + Theatre minor from Point Loma Nazarene University, a peer reader for Whale Road Review, a director of original human skits, and a lover of the strange and unusual. Much of her work is grounded in themes of progressive faith and platonic love. She has pieces published in Kissing Dynamite, Amethyst Review, Nymphs, Aze Journal, Moonchild Magazine, Exhume Lit, Sword & Kettle Press, Diverging Magazine, and more. She lives in San Diego with her pan roommate and a pet dragon. Also, she runs a blog where she explores her spirituality through creativity, books, and movies. Follow if you wanna:

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