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Light years away by Annmarie McQueen

Light years away

Our first night together, I made circles out of 

moonlight, plotted them against your skin 

and weaved galaxies into the curve of your neck.

Everything inside me was silvery and liquid. 

Your eyes, cat-like, glowed so bright that they

burned themselves into my brain, the imprint

of a red sun on the back of my eyelids. I thought 

of the prologue years, of the thousand nights 

leading up to this one, of the moment our orbits 

crossed and set off on new paths. I thought of 

your sea-green polo shirt and your hair trapped 

under my shoulder, and wondered why it 

took us so long to find each other. I thought of 

your clairvoyant hands painting us futures and 

your voice, trembling in a rearview mirror.

I’m terrified that one day I’ll hurt you, you said

as if you could see me now, three years later

waist-deep in this memory. 

Annmarie McQueen is a London-based digital marketer and graduate of Warwick University’s creative writing programme. She’s been published in numerous magazines and anthologies including Dear Damsels, Buried Letter Press and The Little Book of Fairytales released by Dancing Bear Books. In her spare time she runs an online shop selling her handmade soy candles at and can be found on twitter @Annmarie_writer

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