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Less Than Three by Halle Preneta

I thought I was special

But you sing everyone’s name like it’s the top of the charts

You’re concerned about everyone’s sleep cycles and schedules

Your words enchant whoever you’re speaking to

They make up new worlds

They made me feel special

You invited me into the vast abyss

Of words in your mind

I hunted through them for some message

For some sign

But you pass out <3 like sheets of paper at school

In your world, everyone receives a <3

In my world, <3 are only for special occasions

Halle is a bisexual writer who enjoys writing short romance, sci-fi, and horror stories along with poetry and gets her ideas from random life experiences and fanfiction. When she’s not writing, she’s either watching YouTube or playing Animal Crossing. Her Twitter handle is @YaTheatreNerd

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