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I AND MY SHADOW by Adeola Wasiu Olasunkanmi

In the Jonny of life i strife to survive,

When my sweat turn a river bank.

I swim in tears trembling with fears.

The pains i couldn't bear,

No one to help no friend is near,

Only i and my shadow we share,

The pain and the stain with tears.

If i step a little ahead of life

She was always at the track of time,

Waiting for me to move or still i crawl.

She was always by my side

With great inspiration she came with aids

To the world in darkness shadow fades

But mine never left or erased.

Like a brother helping another

She motivates me not to bother;

In the darkest hour when i felt like quitting,

She stand as the angel putting all in oder.

If i could make it to this faithful life again,

If i could be bless with this friend and regain.

Our best memory of the past.

I would be proud to live again.

Adeola Wasiu Olasunkanmi/ Majestic~pen is a Nigeria based writer who lives in Ibadan Oyo state, he's a profound writer who journeyed beyond life to inspire others with his thoughts and penetrates the duality of every living things with evey imagery structures as we all have connection between each others; like dream has connection between human lives also.

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