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How Venus Was Discovered by Raquel Luciano

Venus is the second brightest natural object

in the night sky. When she saw her

for the first time, it became the brightest.

Until now, she had been forcing softness

to harden. Drawing X’s instead of O’s.

Letting dimmed sparks linger

a while. The taste of bad love burned her

tongue. She noticed her eyes first, deep

brown with a gentleness

hidden behind her irises. She moved down

to the silver ring laying on her nostril

like a plume of fire on the mantle of her

skin. She pressed her lips onto another woman’s

lips. Two goddesses of love and beauty.

Their planet ignited enough flames to scorch queer

into the wall. She painted her lover’s body

with fire. An intensity of pleasure

she didn’t know was possible. They were inventing

something secret, something

new, something only for them.

They hung the portrait on the wall next to the burned

letters and called it venusing.

Called it women

loving women.

Raquel Luciano is a future educator and a student at the University of Central Florida. Her poems can be found in Anti-Heroin Chic and horse egg literary. She lives in Orlando with her girlfriend and their five crazy cats. She loves singing bad karaoke. Find her on Instagram @raq.poet.

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