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Glory and Grace by Glen Alan Mitchell

Glory and Grace

He disappeared again

I was sleeping

but something stirred

me awake

the car was gone

the old panic

set in

call, call

text, text

track the iPhone


near the airport

I know better

but I go anyway

bleary eyed


a sex club

or technically

a video store

someone’s getting

fucked on the screen

men in silhouette

jerk in rhythm

I track the phone

beep beep beep

in there

a man motions

the booths

connected by

a glory hole

a cock withdraws

and he’s there

caught in remorse

the red sweatshirt

stuffs the opening

let’s go

he shakes

we have breakfast

we move

from glory hole

to grace

Glen Alan Mitchell is a contemporary gay artist, based in Miami. His creative works include

poetry, photography, drawing, and painting. Mitchell’s works reflect the artist’s personal vision of self-discovery, desires, loves, and life experiences.


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