• Tealight Press

Ghost by Lucia Larsen


your love has proven false

pressed against the fishnet veil

-how can you fear a shadow of a body 

that once was sheltered by your hand?

-how can you hide from a life lost

that once was screwed to your soul?

-how can you plug your ears from a cry

that once was shushed with lazy kisses?

-how can you withhold a familiar voice

that once was strung with such reassurances?

-how can you believe I would hurt you now

when I am left unglued?

for even when I was girded with bone and teeth

they were as satin sheets and sweetened milk to you

Lucia Larsen is from Chicago and is currently studying for her Masters in Environmental Management at the University of Stirling in Scotland. Her work has appeared in The Unpublishable Zine. She can be found on Twitter @mslucialarsen and on Instagram @lucialarsen

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