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game night by Catie Wiley

every thursday night is game night,

but we call it gayme night,

feeling proud of our rainbow tinged hearts

we giggle, play cards,

and I always lose

(but it never

feels like a loss).

every thursday night is game night:

I buy us boba tea,

he brings the colorful cake,

ze makes sure everyone hydrates.

every thursday night is game night

like a reclaimed slumber party

where gossiping about crushes

leads to bonding

not bullies.

every thursday night,

we crawl into cocoon king bed,

complain about triple word score,

cuddle in a cozy pile,

and build a home

we’ve never had before.

Catie Wiley (she/her) is a lesbian poet from Maryland. She has a B.A. in English from Bryn Mawr College. She's a poetry reader for the winnow magazine. She likes to juggle fruits in her spare time. Find her on twitter @catiewiley.

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