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Freedom's Prison by Charlene Hanson

I thought I’d hidden it,

buried it ten feet deep.

The wife.

The mother.

The denial.

Equal parts a lock

I swore didn’t exist

until she gave me the key.

I turned it.

Now I’m awake,

craving her smile,

dreaming of a kiss

that’ll never be.

Never taste

what I never wanted,

never needed.



Always getting butterflies

from my car’s air freshener.

The night I drove her home,

we talked of nothing,

or everything,

until I had to leave,

and go back to the life

I made in prison

and still must live

now that I’m free.

Charlene Hanson (she/he/they) is a queer aspiring novelist who loves to write about love and fantasy. She is a married mother of two who lives in a small town in Pennsylvania with her two special needs dogs. Her short story "The Lady of the Sea" was published by the literary journal Chimera XVII last year. She publishes poetry and blogs about life on her website at Find her on Twitter as @CHWrittenWorks."

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