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Found yellow brushes by Tanya Akrofi

Found yellow brushes

i cleared my throat

pretended some kind of


lowered my sunglasses

and played with the radio.

as we bumped aggressively

towards easy listening

i looked out of the window

at the trees tall as century guards

blurring into intangible browns.

the sparkling sunlit dance of summer

so tenderly tilting towards sleep.

autumn is coming.

how it tames the wild

golds into adult orange.

candle-lit new moons

to refresh newborns.

i accept it

let the doors open

to some griefs

so deep that they must be

meticulously watched

listened for, in the coming darkness.

i light my candles too.

i name each candle.

each one is named after you.

Tanya Akrofi is a writer and teller of tales. She works to reconnect people with the lost oral

traditions of storytelling and believes in myth and magic, as medicine. She goes wherever her writing or tales are needed (that is to say, she moves around a lot!) She is a mother and a lover and hopes to never grow up! She can be found on Twitter @monday_mystic and Instagram @ammaflower. Her website is

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