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Dune and Gloom by b. pick

Blue tidepools fill the morning sunrise as you rehearse verse 147

From memory and as I wipe a gentle smudge of lipstick

Off the corner of my open mouthed grin, I note that

The Atlantic is the same shade as your almond eyes.

Your hair is the same shade of gold as the

Gentle dunes you grew up next to -- although your curls mirror mine.

Those fragile dunes took thousands of years of circumstance

Fate in the form of wind currents

Fate in the form of waves perfectly timed to tear apart sentiments and sediments

Fate forgotten in moments as

An absent mother and her mindless child

Ignore the signs warning them not to climb.

You laugh and remark that perhaps

In the amount of time that humankind takes to evolve out stupidity

In the Darwin Effect taking its toll on a species

With no regard for

Feats of love

Feats of nature

Only existing through feats of ignorance,

Perhaps those dunes might grow as mountainous as the swelling around our hearts.

But we won’t know --

All we see is broken down piles of sand and seashells

All destroyed in one moment by

Feet and ignorance.

b. pick is a lesbian poet and creative non-fiction author. They are an Hon. BA candidate in English at Western University, where they work as a Copy Editor for the Western Gazette. When they’re not writing, b. can be found cuddled up with a cup of herbal tea and their French bulldog, Colette. They have most recently been featured in SAPPHIC, Tipping the Scales, and Grubstreet Journal. You can find them on Twitter at @_bpick, or Instagram at @b__pick.

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