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Cat Talk by Kenneth Michael Noguera

My grandmother

does not know

I have a cat.

My mom knows.

When the cat pops

into frame on Facetime,

she turns the phone away

from my grandmother

to keep my secret.

My grandmother always asks

“What’s wrong with Kenny?”

but she never receives an answer.

The cat stays up with me

during my late study nights,

where I unload

all my worries, doubts, and loves

like emptying a basket of newly bought dresses

into a river which ends at my closet.

If they ever meet I fear

my cat would climb to her shoulder and whisper

all the heights of the heels I wish I could wear.

Poet, artist, singer, and long time fan of Pokemon and animation, Kenneth Michael Noguera is a Queer writer born and raised in Miami, Florida by his beloved mother and grandmother. HIs family comes from the island of Aruba and the Caribbean with his poetry focusing on masculinity, displacement, queerness, multi-generational trauma, and spirituality. He is an MFA Creative Writing student at the University of Central Florida. He is currently working on his first book of poems. He is also an audio editor for Working Title Podcast. He lives in Orlando, Florida with his family and pets. Twitter: @wolfken96

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