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Cafés by Pascal Dominic Niederhaeuser

Updated: Feb 3

They hold this particular aura,

An ambience of invisibility.

Terms like object or subject

Cease to exist – pulverised.

In the course of this synthesis

Voyeurism becomes normality

And the position of the victim

Is nothing more than illusion.

Everyone watches as much as

They’re being watched by others.

It is a chain, a string of watching

Protected by the city’s anonymity.

The soft chatter emerging from

Booths filled with twos and threes

Crowds the air. And the voices’

electricity fuels the lights above.

Crockery and cutlery clinking,

Filling the interstices in between

The soft humming of speech.

A throbbing little universe of its own.

Pascal Dominic Niederhaeuser is a young, queer poet and a student of English and philosophy, currently located in Basel. His work openly discusses personal topics such as mental health or love and often features a profound philosophic undertone. Twitter: @pdniederhaeuser

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