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Bound by a dream by Dawn Watts

Bound by a dream

In the dream form,

her gender retreats

in the vast emptiness,

encompassing black.

The void, the last voyage

that requires a witness,

deepens, but she remembers-

a future of the past,

the liquid lust of the want &

the prey or prayer of love.

All that is left contains

a spirit of air;

a dance of particles

memory has swallowed.

She wants to know

greater still than the being

overshadowed in desire

Comes to this end.

The reigns tethered

by an invisible master,

a version of herself undone to nothing.

Stained upon her unseen spirit,

the truth revealed as a blinding flood

Beyond climactic highs.

She remembers why-

seeking to intrude within

a curious endeavor.

Dawn Watts is a former barista who writes poetry and prose.  She has several forthcoming poems to be published in online journals in the near future.  She lives in Chester Pennsylvania. Her Twitter handle is @wattswritten

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