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Bi Love You by Kyrsta Morehouse

There was time when loving

you was criminal. I hate

to say it often still is. Though

where we stand now we commit

no crime, each time we kiss it feels

like treason and I will never stop craving

that taste. Each time you call

me Honey I really hear: We are valid.

Each time I hold your hand

in public we lead the rebellion,

the warmth of your lips caressing

battlecries into the soft of my wrist.

Each time a pickup-truck brands

me a Fucking dyke - patriarchy shooting

from the hiss of his tongue - all I can hear

is your morning voice declare:

My god, you’re beautiful.

Kyrsta Morehouse is a young bisexual poet. Her career thus far has been primarily as a celebrity makeup artist for TV/film, but she is also a writer and poet. Over time her outlet of poetry has begun to feel like an important and unique opportunity to reach other people. By writing about her experiences, feelings, and emotions she hopes to illuminate struggles for others so that they can feel seen and know that they are not alone. (instagram @kyrstashae)

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