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becoming a rainbow again by Linda M. Crate

my best friend and i

stumbled accidentally

into a festival,

and i remember the music

the street vendors and the


i remember the figurine

set up in the park

we got a picture standing by—

there were beautiful flowers,


and the perfect blue sky;

these are the moments i live for

soft and quiet and beautiful scenes

that wrap you up in the darkest days

reminding you that life still can

be beautiful—

and sometimes it is only through the

darkness do we find the light

to become a rainbow again.

Linda M. Crate's works have been published in numerous magazines and anthologies both online and in print. She is the author of seven poetry chapbooks, the latest of which is: the samurai (Yellow Arrow Publishing, October 2020). She's also the author of the novel Phoenix Tears (Czykmate Books, June 2018). Recently she has published four full-length poetry collections Vampire Daughter (Dark Gatekeeper Gaming, February 2020), The Sweetest Blood (Cyberwit, February 2020), Mythology of My Bones (Cyberwit, August 2020), and you will not control me (Cyberwit, March 2021). You can find more of her work here: Facebook:, instagram : ,, & twitter:

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