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A wicked play but I kinda like it by Anonymous

Updated: Mar 11

A wicked play but I kinda like it

In a sick

and twisted way,

sometimes I like to think -

my life is an underground Truman show


The director is Axeman of New Orleans,

or a tired man making the worst decisions in a videogame:

Life is strange.

If he had made my character straight -

my mother would marry me

to someone back home.

2 or 3 kids (gremlins).

A 9 to 5 to feed the kids.

A Bollywood film suitable

for the kids.

No room to make any mistakes,


I imagine my mother will kick me out,

the day she finds out.

I wrote a poem about it or did the playwright

make me do it?

With an hourglass I count

my days, then I pick it up and smash my head against it.

Snort the time left, like it’s cocaine.

I won’t give them anything

short of American Beauty.

Instead of a daughter in law adorned in jewels,

she’ll see my head next to my body,

coloured in red ink.

I’ll bring my audience to the climax

that they so badly crave.

I’ll cry, then I’ll laugh, and then I’ll cry


as they push my buttons.

But don’t worry- it’s okay.

You can’t have a rainbow,

without first being a closeted gay.

As I dance on the stage, over shards

of dreams and the ordinary life,

so out of reach.

Put on a show for my maker,

A number one humtv drama.

Lana Del Rey, what era

would they like me to replicate; I always wanted a

Terrence, or maybe even a Salvatore.

My story began like a drop

of scarlet leaking into their white paint.

The storm I bring with me

is so loud, Edward Cullen could hear me

from miles away.

I’ll splash ketchup

over my face, if my body runs out of blood.

The way he bites me

gives me life - I like the way he sucks

the pain away.

A tragic headline

with my face, doesn’t sound too awful right now.

If I may fall, I pray the viewers vote

to throw me off the Epping walk bridge.

Strike the forestage

like lightning, leave them shaking

with the curtain call.

This simulation

might sound like a sick joke,

with my therapy bills piling up

each and every day.

But I want to be whipped harder,

make me the star

of Les Misérables.

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