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A Quick Note on 'Zodiac' by Sash

Hello Readers!

I'm thrilled that our zodiac theme inspired so many submissions! There's something so enticing about the stars and their lore, isn't there? Being able to stare up at something so ancient and so far away, realising how small we are in the grand scale of the universe, is simultaneously humbling and exhilarating.

Our submitters show it is entirely possible to take those feelings of wonder and craft beautiful poems, but it's something I'm personally struggling with right now! Writer's block is kicking my butt. I have a brand new, mostly blank notebook and I haven't managed to pin down a single thought.

So this month, rather than an anecdote or musings, I wanted to share some spaces on the Internet that combine queerness and the zodiac.

For queer astrology content on Instagram:






What's Your Author Horoscope? Are you a Maya Angelou or a Mary Oliver? The diversity of authors in this list is really nice.

For queer horoscopes, check out AutoStraddle and QueerCosmos.

And of course... please enjoy our selection of creative work this month! Thank you so much to everyone who submitted, we really appreciate it, even if we don't choose to publish your piece. (In which case, please submit again - we don't have any kind of cooling off period.)

Lastly - happy Pride! We hope you've had a great month and been able to celebrate however you wanted to.

Wishing you (as always!) peace, power and prosperity,


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