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A Quick Note on Symmetry by Sash

Dear Readers,

Happy August, and a happy anniversary to Tealight Press! It's hard to believe that it's been a year since we began this humble litmag and we've been delighted to watch it grow. There have been so many stunning submissions that reflect the incredible diversity of queer voices out there in the world, and we've been so happy to showcase so many of them. Often the most difficult part of our month is selecting which submissions to accept, and avoid giving ourselves an unmanageable amount of work to publish!

Our theme this month is Symmetry, partly because 'anniversary' didn't seem all that inspiring to us, and because Matt and I are in an odd place in our personal lives that's brought us full circle; this time last year I was moving countries, and now he is too, and I get to be on the other side of the experience while he's exploring a new place for the first time. It's been super exciting!

So, we'd love to see your works of similar experiences! Seeing something from both sides of the glass, works of fiction with bookends as a narrative device, works that convey a sense of balance. Tell us about harmonious, serendipitous moments, or lack thereof; write about times that have distinctly lacked any kind of symmetry. What did that feel like? Jarring, or strangely freeing, like breaking out of a bad pattern?

Honestly, if the idea of an anniversary inspires you, that's cool too. Maybe there's a piece of work you submitted previously that you've since remixed or revised. Send us an update! If a piece really strikes a chord with us, we can be flexible on interpretation of the theme.

Hopefully that helps inspire you all a little!

Something else for us to note: It's been a time of big change so we've both been a little quieter on the Twitter than we'd have liked, especially for our anniversary month. I had so many grand plans for tweets and reflections posts looking back on the year, and it unfortunately had to take a back seat to life events. For year two we might rejig some things, and there's a long-held dream of publishing some kind of print edition which would be a nice project to pursue over the next twelve months. We always intended to run Tealight Press at a fairly gentle pace until we had the capacity to expand, and that's still the hope.

Just bear with us until we're settled into the new stage in our lives a bit.

So, this editorial I guess is part life-updates, part Tealight-updates, and wholeheartedly a huge, huge thank you to everyone who's taken a chance on us and helped boost us over the past year. Every #FollowFriday, every retweet, like, comment, follow, etc. has helped us believe in this little journal as a place that people can be proud to have their work published. We hope you've enjoyed it all as much as we have.

We are so proud to be a part of the queer community and to be able to boost its wealth of creative talent. We love you all.

Peace, power and prosperity this month, and always!


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