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A Quick Note on Reflections by Sash

Dear Readers,

After a gruelling year that feels as though it's lasted about fifty times as long as it had any right to, 2020 is finally drawing to a close. Congratulations on getting through it! We're so happy that you're here, not just reading this piece but in general. It's been really tough, so let's reflect on that a moment and give ourselves some credit.

Speaking of reflections... We chose this month's theme in the spirit of looking back over this year and taking stock, and of looking at ourselves and coming eye to eye with what we see in the mirror. Reflections can be physical, mental, literal or metaphorical and we're delighted to see the stunning pieces our submitters have sent this month for our exclusively visual issue.

We can have a distorted reflection of a situation, or understand that we're a reflection of our experiences and the people around us. We can reflect on experiences in order to walk forward through life more prepared for the next scenario. Reflections in different surfaces can be clear, smooth, warped, fragmented. Mirrors in fairytales are mystical portals or vehicles of superstition.

My (incredibly literal) contribution to this month's features is something I snapped on a whim whilst sitting on a snowdrift, taking a break from my latest run down the hill. I love the anonymity of ski goggles - no one's been able to see my pained grimace as I slip and slide my way down the runs. I thought I was done with new experiences for the year but it turns out I just learned this whole skiing thing. Looking back, without certain hardships pushing me forward this year I wouldn't have got to this point, and I'm ultimately grateful for that.

And on that note, Tealight Press takes a break until January! We'll be back next month with a new theme and our usual callout for poetry, prose, flash fiction and art (we always love art!) from LGBTQIA writers.

Thank you for supporting us this year! ♥️ Enjoy the holidays and we'll see you again in 2021.

Wishing you peace, power and prosperity,


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