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A Quick Note on Nature by Sash

Dear Readers,

It's March, and spring is on the way. Here in Ontario, Canada, the sun is shining brightly through the winter cold and the powdered snow is crystallising into ice. The turning of seasons is in the air, like a hopeful whisper.

Our theme for this month is Nature.

The natural world has inspired poets, writers and other creatives since time immemorial. It can remind us to be mindful, as in Mary Oliver's 'When I Am Among The Trees' -

Around me the trees stir in their leaves

and call out "Stay awhile."

The light flows from their branches.

Or as a springboard for musings on love and loneliness, as in Malcolm Tariq's 'One Ending: Of Learning' -

"But the sky has the answers. The void

that I cannot look into without

a fresh, stinging pain."

Whether nature is making us feel calm, hopeful, nostalgic or isolated, it's always around us in some way or another. This month, take a look around at the damp grass, the cloudy sky, the succulent on your windowsill. What do you feel? What do you remember?

This is the time to watch fresh leaves appear, flowers bloom and the world become alive. We'd love to see your musings on what in the great outdoors inspires you, or what about this time of year is difficult. For me, winter lets me keep on layers and hide parts of my body that frustrate me; in warmer weather, I'm more aware of my chest than any other time of year. Spring and summer are about emerging from a cocoon of jumpers and jackets with a mixture of feelings.

As a species, we've bulldozed our way through beautiful landscapes to further civilization or erase communities. In your submissions this month, we invite you to share the anger and grief for parts of nature long lost. Or explore the hardship of finding queer communities in rural areas.

Nature doesn't always have to mean the great outdoors either. Perhaps your submissions this month explore the philosophical landscape of human nature, or the changing nature of a person, relationship or community that you know. We're open to whatever interpretation you have to share with us!

Wishing you peace, power and prosperity,


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