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A Quick Note on 'Heart' by Sash

Dear Readers,

Often, I feel that I'm more aware of my heart than any other part of my body.

During times of stress it wakes me up racing, like it wants to launch me out of bed and away from all the fears crowding my dreams. When I'm excited my heart batters my ribs like it needs to break out and see what all the fuss is about first-hand.

Rejection always hurts, especially if I'm feeling vulnerable. It's like paper cuts on the heart, like I've been exposed in the most emotionally intimate way. Then there's the exhausting, thrilling, subsuming process of falling in love; my heart is always so overwhelmed by it, even though it's long past the first time. It's equal parts raw pain and relief and giddiness and hope. Like knives and glitter and fireworks.

Often, I feel that I'm treading a fine line between anxiety and love.

Thank you so much for all the submissions we've received this month; thank you for opening your hearts to us.

Wishing you peace, power and prosperity,


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