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A Quick Note on Glory by Sash

Happy September everyone!

First of all, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for such a warm reception into the online litmag community. Tealight Press is something we've been excited about for a while now and we're so happy to be able to share it with you all. We received so many amazing submissions for August and we've got more coming in for September's theme.

Which brings me to a quick note on 'Glory', some thoughts about our choice for this month's theme and some inspiration if you're still thinking about submitting to us before our September 23rd deadline.

Summer is melting into autumn. Here in Canada, the maple leaves are turning crimson and the first whispers of Hallowe'en plans are in the air. It has been, and continues to be, a strange year with so much darkness and uncertainty. At Tealight Press we want our themes to be empowering and powerful, and we encourage our submitters this month to think about bright spots in dark times. (Or however else our theme speaks to you!)

One of the birth flowers for September is the morning glory, a flowering plant with a long history of uses spanning medicine, cuisine, aesthetics and psychedelics. Where have you been resourceful this month, or found a new use or purpose for something, perhaps restoring it to its former glory?

There are religious connotations of the word 'glory' too, particularly Christian ones. Perhaps you're turning to religion or spirituality more often in these dark times. Maybe it's come to light that those things are failing us, and you're building your own religion - one of kind gentle mornings at an altar of coffee and kisses, a socially distanced congregation of walks in the parks with friends. Personally, my days have become anchored in ritual, pattern, stillness and movement, all working in tandem to keep myself balanced during emotionally draining times.

On the flip-side, your first thought when seeing our prompt this week could have veered in a totally different direction: glory holes. There's something pretty striking about a word so strongly rooted in religion having an equally strong association with sex, particularly queer sex. We've been waxing lyrical about the gentle, spiritual, inspirational interpretations of glory but maybe you just have a piece of writing, poetry, art, etc. that's raw and sexual and quite literally about glory holes. You know what? Send it in, we'd love to read it.

Heck, glory holes have even been recommended as a safe way to have sex during the pandemic, which, considering their roots in shame and stigma for the queer community is pretty damn ironic.

We always accept a loose interpretation of our themes at Tealight Press, so if you're not sure that a piece fits feel free to send it anyway! The very fact that you've written something and been brave enough to send it in is pretty glorious.

We wish you peace, prosperity and power this month!



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