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A Quick Note on Futures by Matt

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

A Quick Note on Futures

The future can be a scary thing to think about - so much of it seems predetermined, built on what we have already experienced, our reactions to those experiences, and how we will apply what we have already learnt to what we will come across. It’s also hugely exhilarating to imagine what the future holds for us. I spend a lot of time thinking about it - New Year's Resolutions, what my goals are, new places I want to travel, where I might possibly be in the next five or ten years, how the world and science and medicine will improve. There is an infinite amount of futures waiting. It’s hopeful.

It felt only fitting that our first theme for Tealight Press be “Futures” when one half of our team, Sash is in the process of creating a new and exciting future for themselves. Moving countries and forging this new path for yourself is one of the bravest things I can imagine. If I know a single person capable of taking this experience and making the most of it, it’s you. You’re so smart, capable and strong. Canada is lucky to be getting you. I already can’t wait to hear about the adventures you’ll be having.

This is one of many futures waiting for you!

Matt (he/him) is a queer writer from the UK. He is interested in all things pop-culture and counter-culture. He has a degree in English Lit, and is working on his first novel. He is one half of the team behind Tealight Press, an online queer literary magazine. He can be found on twitter @tealightbook. 

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